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Summary of Activities

Applied and Computational Mathematics Division

U. S. Department of Commerce
Technology Administration
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Computing and Applied Mathematics Laboratory
Gaithersburg, MD 20899 USA

March 1995

Cover: Interfacial energy variation for an anti-phase boundary in a face-centered-cubic solid is shown with contours and color on the surface of a sphere. Lavender indicates the minimum while orange indicates the maximum. The interfacial energy posesses tetragonal symmetry (point group ). This visualization was produced by H.E. Rushmeier and J.G. Hagedorn of the Scientific Computing Environments Division, based on the mathematical modeling efforts of R.J. Braun and G.B. McFadden (ACMD), J.W. Cahn (Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory) and A.A. Wheeler (Southampton University).

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