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Publications in Process

  1. B.K. Alpert, High-Order Quadratures for Integral Operators with Singular Kernels, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, to appear.

  2. B.K. Alpert, Accurate Discretization of Integral Operators, NISTIR for Materials Science Workshop held August, 1994, to appear.

  3. D.M. Anderson, M.G. Worster and S.H. Davis, The case for a dynamic contact angle in containerless solidification, J. Crystal Growth, submitted.

  4. D.M. Anderson and M.G. Worster, Weakly-nonlinear analysis of convection in a mushy layer during the solidification of binary alloys, J. Fluid Mech., submitted.

  5. F.Sullivan and I.M. Beichl Applying Computational Geometry: Robustness vs. Efficiency, NIST SP 837, Proceedings of a Symposium for NIST's 90th Anniversary.

  6. P. J. Grother, G. T. Candela, and J. L. Blue, Fast Implementations of Nearest Neighbor Classifiers, submitted to IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, February, 1995.

  7. P.T. Boggs, P.D. Domich, J.E. Rogers, An Interior-Point Method for General Large Scale Quadratic Programming Problems, Annals of Operations Research special volume on Interior Point Methods for Mathematical Programming, to appear.

  8. R.F. Boisvert, S. Browne, J. Dongarra and E. Grosse, Digital Software and Data Repositories for Support of Scientific Computing, Proceedings of Digital Libraries 95, to appear.

  9. F.Y. Hunt, On Approximating the Invariant Measures of Randomly Perturbed Dissipative Maps Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, accepted for publication

  10. F.Y. Hunt, J.F. Douglas, J. Bernal, Probabilistic Computation of Poiseuille Flow Velocity Fields, Journal of Mathematical Physics to appear

  11. F.Y. Hunt, Existence Approximation and Convergence of Invariant Measures of Randomly Perturbed Maps, Proceedings of an International Conference on Differential Equations and Applications to Biology and Industry, accepted for publication

  12. J. Gary and M. Hamstad, On the Far-field Structure of Waves Generated by a Pencil Lead Break on a Thin Plate, to appear in Jour. Acoustic Emission, 1995.

  13. J. Bechhoefer and S.A. Langer, Stabilizing effect of elasticity is not enough to resolve discrepancies in observations concerning a moving nematic-isotropic interface, to appear in Physical Review E.

  14. A. C. Skeldon, G.B. McFadden, M. D. Impey, D. S. Riley, K. A. Cliff, A. A. Wheeler, and Steven H. Davis, On long-wave morphological instabilities in directional solidification, to appear in IMA J. Appl. Math.
  15. D. Josell, S. R. Coriell, and G.B. McFadden, Evaluating the zero creep conditions for thin film and multilayer thin film specimens, submitted to Acta Metall. et Mater.
  16. A. A. Wheeler, G.B. McFadden, and W. J. Boettinger, Phase-Field model of a eutectic alloy, submitted to Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series A.
  17. A. A. Wheeler and G.B. McFadden, A -vector formulation of anisotropic phase-field models: 3-D asymptotics, submitted to European Journal of Applied Mathematics.
  18. R. B. Hoyle, G.B. McFadden, and Steven H. Davis, Pattern selection with anisotropy during directional solidification, submitted to Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series A.
  19. R. F. Sekerka, S. R. Coriell, and G.B. McFadden, Stagnant film model of the effect of natural convection on the dendrite operating state, submitted to J. Crystal Growth.

  20. B.R. Miller, Artificial satellite theory: analytical solutions at the critical inclination, to be submitted to Celestial Mechanics.

  21. W.F. Mitchell, Review of PLTMG: A Software Package for Solving Elliptic Partial Differential Equations, User's Guide 7.0'', Mathematics of Computation, to appear.

  22. J.E. Devaney, R. Lipman, M. Lo, W.F. Mitchell, M. Edwards, J. Turner, C.W. Clark, The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Parallel Applications Development Environment (PADE) User's Manual.

  23. W.F. Mitchell, MGGHAT User's Guide Version 1.1, available in hypertext form at

  24. A. A. Chernov, S.R. Coriell, and B.T. Murray, Kinetic Self-Stabilization of a Stepped Interface: Growth into a Supercooled Melt, Journal of Crystal Growth, to appear.
  25. B.T. Murray, A.A. Wheeler, and M. E. Glicksman, Simulations of Experimentally Observed Dendritic Growth Behavior using a Phase-Field Model, Journal of Crystal Growth, to appear.
  26. J.A. Warren and B.T. Murray, Ostwald Ripening and Coalescence of a Binary Alloy in Two Dimensions using a Phase-Field Model, Phys Rev E, submitted.
  27. S.R. Coriell, B.T. Murray, A. A. Chernov and G.B. McFadden, Effects of Shear Flow and Anisotropic Kinetics on the Morphological Stability of a Binary Alloy, Met Trans, submitted.

  28. D.P. O'Leary Why Broyden's nonsymmetric method terminates on linear equations, SIAM Journal on Optimization, to appear.

  29. B.W. Rust and F.J. Crosby, Global Temperatures, Gaia, and Fossil Fuel Production, Global Change Biology, to be submitted.

  30. B.V. Saunders, A Boundary Conforming Grid Generation System for Interface Tracking, Computers and Mathematics With Applications, to appear.

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