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Technical Reports

  1. N.A. Brilliant, B.K. Alpert, and M. Young, Video Microscopy Applied to Optical Fiber Geometry Measurements, NIST TN 1369, November, 1994.

  2. I.M. Beichl, J. Bernal, C. Witzgall, and F.Sullivan, Submissions to a Planned Encyclopedia of Operations Research on Computational Geometry and the Voronoi Diagram Construct., NISTIR 5349, January 1994.

  3. J. Bernal, The Growth Surface for the Slopes at the Boundary of a Polygon, NISTIR 5344, February 1994
  4. J. Bernal, Inserting Line Segments into Triangulations and Tetrahedralizations, NISTIR 5596, March 1995

  5. M. D. Garris, J. L. Blue, G. T. Candela, D. L. Dimmick, J. Geist, P. J. Grother, S. A. Janet, and C. L. Wilson, NIST Form-Based Handprint Recognition System. NIST Internal Report 5469, July 1994.

  6. R.J. Braun, B.T. Murray, W.J. Boettinger and G.B. McFadden, Lubrication Theory for the Reactive Spreading of a Thin Drop, NISTIR 94-5557, submitted to Physics of Fluids.

  7. J.T. Fong and S.J. Treado, Finite Element Analysis of Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL) Isolation Slab Conditioning System, NISTIR 94-5528, November 1994.

  8. D.W. Lozier, Software Needs in Special Functions, NISTIR 5490, August 1994.

  9. M.A. Anuta, D.W. Lozier, and P.R. Turner, The MasPar MP-1 as a Computer Arithmetic Laboratory, NISTIR 5569, January, 1995.

  10. B.R. Miller, An expression formatter for Macsyma, NISTIR 95-xxxx (to be printed)

  11. V. Eijkhout, R. Pozo, Basic Concepts for Distributed Sparse Linear Algebra Operations: LAPACK Working Note 77, University of Tennessee TR CS-94-240, 1994.

  12. J.E. Rogers, P.T. Boggs, P.D. Domich, A Predictor-Corrector-O3D formulation for Quadratic Programming, NISTIR 5020, October 1994.

  13. B.W. Rust and F.J. Crosby, Modulation of Fossil Fuel Production by Global Temperature Variations, II., NISTIR 5332, January 1994.

  14. B.V. Saunders, A Boundary Conforming Grid Generation System For Interface Tracking, NISTIR 5352, February 1994.