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Software in Process

  1. P.T. Boggs, P.D. Domich, J.E. Rogers, O3D, a solver for general large scale quadratic programming problems.

  2. R.F. Boisvert and J. Carey, VHFFT, a vectorized 4th order accurate fast Poisson solver in two and three dimensions.

  3. R.F. Boisvert, Fortran routines for 2D and 3D tensor product B-spline interpolation, to appear in SLATEC 5.0.

  4. S.A. Langer, A. Roosen, W.C. Carter, and E.R. Fuller, OOF, an object-oriented finite element program for elastic and fracture analysis of real microstructures.

  5. S.A. Langer, menu and menu++, easy-to-use routines for constructing interactive programs, in C and C++.

  6. D.W. Lozier, NESF, A Hypertext Guide to Algorithms and Software for the Numerical Evaluation of Special Functions.

  7. B.R. Miller, Ellipsimp, a package representing properties and identities of the elliptic integrals and functions.

  8. W.F. Mitchell, Stopwatch, a Fortran 90 module for measuring the execution CPU and Wall Clock time of program segments.

  9. J.E. Devaney, R. Lipman, M. Lo, W.F. Mitchell, M. Edwards, J. Turner, C.W. Clark, PADE, the NIST Parallel Applications Development Environment, a tool for developing, maintaining and testing parallel programs over a heterogeneous network of computers.

  10. R. Pozo, K.A. Remington, A. Lumsdaine, SparseLib++ v. 2.0, C++ classes for unstructured sparse matrices.

  11. B.W. Rust, PERDGR, a subroutine for classical periodogram analysis of real time-series data, using the real FFT.

  12. B.W. Rust and D.P. O'Leary, CLASIC, a subroutine for calculating classical least squares or truncated SVD solutions to ill-conditioned linear systems.

  13. B.W. Rust, FERDIT, a subroutine for calculating confidence interval bounds for regularized solutions to ill-conditioned linear systems.

  14. B.W. Rust and D.P. O'Leary, BRACLS, a subroutine for computing confidence interval bounds for non-negatively constrained solutions to linear systems.