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  1. B.K. Alpert, NIST Research Advisory Committee.

  2. J.L. Blue, ITL Planning Committee

  3. J.L. Blue, muMAG Committee (micromagnetic Modeling Activity Group), a NIST/university/industry committee to help U.S. industry.

  4. R.F. Boisvert, Scientific Computing Planning Team.

  5. A.S. Carasso, NIST Colloquim Committee.

  6. Paul D. Domich chaired the 1993 NIST Research Advisory Committee.

  7. J.T. Fong, Chair, NIST Users' Group for Finite Element Analysis Software Packages

  8. D.W. Lozier, NIST Museum Committee.

  9. B.W. Rust, Research Information Center Subject Specialist.