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Oversight Activities

  1. R.F. Boisvert : SciComp, Inc., Automatic Generation of Mathematical Modeling Components, NIST Advanced Technology Program.

  2. T.J. Burns: Iterated Systems, Inc., High Fidelity Digital Image Compression, NIST Advanced Technology Program.

  3. A.S. Carasso, Perceptron, Inc., Farmington Hills, MI. Robust, Fast 3-D Image Processing and Feature Extraction Tools for Industrial Automation Applications, NIST Advanced Technology Program.

  4. A.S. Carasso, Mathematical Technologies Inc., Providence, RI. Digital Filters for Restoration of Moving Pictures, NIST Advanced Technology Program.

  5. J.T. Fong : University of Iowa Center for Computer Aided Design, Collaborative Technologies for Large Scale Mechanical System Concurrent Engineering -- Phase V, U.S. Department of Defense -- Advanced Research Project Agency.

  6. J.T. Fong : SRI International, Inc., Research and Development in Collaborative Environments for Concurrent Engineering Design (Phase 5), U.S. Department of Defense -- Advanced Research Project Agency.

  7. F.Y. Hunt, reviewer for NIST Small Business Innovation Research Program for RFP entitled "Parallel Algorithms and Infrastructure for Information Technologies" No. 8.17.1T

  8. G.B. McFadden: Sheldon Newhouse (University of North Carolina), Nonlinear Dynamics, ARPA.

  9. G.B. McFadden: R. V. Johnson (St. Cloud State University), The Application of the Tensor Product to Parallel Programming, ARPA.

  10. G.B. McFadden: C. H. Huang (Ohio State University), An Expert System for Implementing High Performance Numerical Algorithms, ARPA.

  11. B.R. Miller, Member of Technical Area Panel on Information Technology for ATP 1995 General Competition.

  12. B.T. Murray : MicroFab Technologies, Inc., Solder Jet Science and Technology, NIST Advanced Technology Program.