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Outreach Activities

  1. B.K. Alpert, science fair judge at Southern Hills Middle School, Boulder, February 15, 1995.

  2. J.T. Fong, judge of a panel for a student-paper competition event, American Society of Mechanical Engineers -- Pressure Vessels and Piping Division, Minneapolis, MN, June 22, 1994.

  3. D.W. Lozier, Mathematical Software: What It Is and What It Does, NIST Summer Seminar Series for Students, August 4, 1994.

  4. B.T. Murray, ACMD High School Tour Demo entitled: Computational Modeling in Physics and Engineering''.

  5. D.P. O'Leary organized science and math activities for Cub Scout Pack 1072, Wheaton, Maryland.

  6. J.E. Rogers, participant in NIST Curriculum Development Partnership, Boulder, Colorado, June 1994.

  7. B.V. Saunders, judge for annual science fair at Ronald McNair Elementary School, Germantown, Maryland, March 16, 1994.

  8. B.V. Saunders, autobiographical career essay distibuted to student MAA chapters as part of MAA series Mathematicians at Work,'' March 1994.

  9. B.V. Saunders and P.T. Boggs, presentation on computational modeling and linear programming to visiting students from the College of William and Mary, June 1994.

  10. B.V. Saunders, participant in Quince Orchard High School Mentoring Program for 94-95 school year.