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Acronyms Used in This Report

ACM       Association for Computing Machinery
ACMD      Applied and Computational Mathematics Division
AMS       American Mathematical Society
APS       Americal Physical Society
ARPA      Advanced Research Projects Agency (DOD)
ASME      American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ATL       Advanced Technology Laboratory (NIST)
ATP       Advanced Technology Program (NIST)
BLAS      Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines
CAML      Computing and Applied Mathematics Laboratory (NIST)
CMM       coordinate measuring machine
CIFP      Capital Improvement Facility Project (NIST)
CMLIB     NIST Core Math Library
CRADA     Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
CMU       Carnegie-Mellon University
CVD       chemical vapor deposition
DICE      Defense Initiative on Concurrent Engineering
DOC       Department of Commerce
DOD       Department of Defense
FBI       Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCC       face-centered cubic
FTP       File Transfer Protocol
GAMS      Guide to Available Mathematical Software
HTTP      hypertext transfer protocol
HPCC      High Performance Computing and Communications
IEEE      Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers
IRS       Internal Revenue Service
LASL      Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
LP        linear programming
MAA       Mathematical Association of America
MGGHAT    MultiGrid Galerkin Hierarchical Adaptive Triangle
MIMD      multiple instruction / multiple data
MSEL      Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory (NIST)
NASA      National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NBS       National Bureau of Standards
NCSA      National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NIH       National Instritutes of Health
NIST      National Institute of Standards and Technology
NISTIR    NIST Internal Report
ODE       ordinary differential equation
PADE      NIST Parallel Applications Development Environment
PET       positron emission tomography
PC        personal computer
PDE       partial differential equation
PHAML     Parallel Hierarchical Adaptive MultiLevel
PVM       Parallel Virtual Machine
QP        quadratic programming
SBIR      Small Business Innovative Research
SCED      Scientific Computing Environments Division (CAML)
SCOOT     Synchronous Collaborative Object-Oriented Toolkit
SIAM      Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SIMD      single instruction / multiple data
SLATEC    Sandia-LANL-Air Force Weapons Lab Technical Exchange Committee
SUNY      State University of New York
TOMS      Transactions on Mathematical Software
WWW       World Wide Web