The Object Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework (OOMMF) project at ITL/NIST

Background on the ITL/NIST micromagnetics public code project

OOMMF is a project in the Applied and Computational Mathematics Division (ACMD) of ITL/NIST, in close cooperation with µMAG, aimed at developing portable, extensible public domain programs and tools for micromagnetics. This code forms a completely functional micromagnetics package, with the additional capability to be extended by other programmers so that people developing new code can build on the OOMMF foundation. OOMMF is written in C++, a widely-available, object-oriented language that can produce programs with good performance as well as extensibility. For portable user interfaces, we make use of Tcl/Tk so that OOMMF operates across a wide range of Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X platforms. The main contributors to OOMMF are Mike Donahue, and Don Porter.

Postdoctoral Positions: National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Associateships in micromagnetics.
U.S. citizenship required. Application deadline: 1-Feb and 1-Aug each year.

Updates to this project will be made available on these web pages, and will be announced via the "muMAG Announcement" mailing list:

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