OOMMFOOMMF Tutorial Series

This page provides background references and resources for the Micromagnetics and OOMMF online tutorial series that ran from 21-May through 9-June-2020.

Background reading

The following papers provide nice introductions to micromagnetics theory and practice:

OOMMF Installation

The OOMMF User's Guide includes detailed instructions on installing OOMMF, or you can look at the OOMMF Installation Overview. An easy option for beginners is to bypass installing OOMMF altogether and run OOMMF through a web-interface with a free account at nanoHUB. There is a nanoHUB OOMMF First Time User's Guide to help getting started.

Tutorial Material

Session 1, 21-May-2020
Slides and Video
Homework: (1) Gain access to OOMMF either through nanoHUB or by installing it on your own machine.
(2) Find the Quick Start section of the OOMMF User's Guide (the OUG) and work through steps 1, 2, 3b, and 4.
(3) Explore some of the sample simulations (under examples/oxs/ on nanoHUB, or oommf/app/oxs/examples/ for local installs).
Session 2, 26-May-2020
Slides and Video
Homework, Solution
Session 3, 2-June-2020
Slides and Video
Download sample files from the session
Session 4, 9-June-2020
Slides and Video
Download sample files for the session

The videos are also available on YouTube.


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