OOMMF Overview of the Object Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework (OOMMF) project at ITL/NIST

The goal of the OOMMF project in ITL/NIST is to develop a portable, extensible public domain micromagnetic program and associated tools. This code forms a completely functional micromagnetics package, with the additional capability to be extended by other programmers so that people developing new code can build on the OOMMF foundation.

OOMMF is written in C++, a widely-available, object-oriented language that can produce programs with good performance as well as extensibility. For portable user interfaces, we make use of Tcl/Tk so that OOMMF operates across a wide range of Unix, Windows, and MacOSX platforms.

The code may be modified at 3 distinct levels. At the top level, individual programs interact via well defined protocols across network sockets. One may connect these modules together in various ways from the user interface, and new modules speaking the same protocol can be transparently added. The second level of modification is at the Tcl/Tk script level. Some modules allow Tcl/Tk script to be imported and executed at run time, and the top level scripts are relatively easy to modify or replace. At the lowest level, the C++ source is provided.

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