OOMMF mmDisp Magnetization Display Program

mmDisp screenshot

mmDisp is a public domain code for viewing magnetization patterns produced by micromagnetic simulations. It displays vector fields using arrows and pixel bitmaps on both rectangular and arbitrary grids. The display elements can be colored based on vector components or divergence. (The latter is only supported for rectangular grids.) Other features include rotation, zooming, subsampling and printing support. Above is a typical view of the mmDisp program showing a vortex core in a thin magnetic film. We also have a much bigger screenshot of mmDisp in action with some of its associated windows.

mmDisp is written in C++ and Tcl/Tk, and should be portable to any platform with a recent C++ compiler and Tcl/Tk support.

The latest release of mmDisp is packaged as part of the OOMMF software. The older, stand-alone version is discontinued, but still available in the archive.

The OOMMF vector field format (.ovf, .omf, etc.) is the native file format for mmDisp. There are several sample .omf files in the distribution mmdisp/examples directory. However, mmDisp is designed to be extensible, and it is fairly easy to add your own file format to mmDisp.

If you find this software useful, please let us know! We will continue to develop this software for our own internal use, but it requires a fair amount of effort to package it up for distribution. That effort can only be justified by feedback from users.

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