webglImportant Note: WebGL experiments must be run with a browser that supports WebGL. This includes Chrome (beta), Firefox beta (with WebGL enabled), Nightly build of Safari (with WebGL enabled) WebGL Browser Checker; Instruction to install a WebGL browser can be found at Learning WebGL


x3dom Home a project led by Fraunhofer
WebGL Experiments by Google
Khronos Group the home of WebGL


anthroGloss thumbnailanthroglossV4 thumbnailanthro shader
AnthroGloss my experiment converting old VRML for anthropometric landmarks, now with jquery buttons; version 4, and playing with a shader
caesar x3dom
CAESAR X3DOM a modification of AnthroGloss, now with real human body from CAESAR project (large inline file)

caesar shader

CAESAR X3DOM with Shader

caesar 2 poses

AnthroWeb3DMeasure - mmg3 Version A tool for web based 3D anthropometric visualization and measurement
Two Poses from CAESAR project, two bodies (same subject) in two poses that you can select, and can flip between the two, both with active selectable landmarks

x3dom stm

Scanning Tunneling Microscope Head conversion from old VRML (1998ish), data from Joe Stroscio for STM facility, also with jquery buttons to change viewpoints

stm facility

STM facility (in progress) large facility..lots of inline files

jQuery X3DOM plugin

X3DOMgeomButton jQuery plugin test world view the page source to see code

x3dom DLMF

X3DOM DLMF and another a test of the Digital Library of Mathematical Functions embedded in web page via X3DOM

RF man

Radio Frequency Walking Man a set of figures that can be animated for a study of RF propogation in the body.

deckJS slides

Deck.js presentation with X3DOM in slides

mobile jquery 3D

jQuery Mobile wrapping X3DOM content

revealJS X3DOM slides

Reveal.js yet another HTML slide set creator but this one is GOOD (several X3DOM inside)

jQuery X3DOM Tutorial

jQueryTut.html Tutorial: Not Your Mother's Web3D: Integrating X3DOM, jQuery and HTML5 (for Web3D 2012)

Spiral Talk

Not Your Mama's Web3D: Integrating 3D with the Web

web3D Anthropometry

Web-based Declarative 3D Graphics for Anthropometry Visualization and Education

web3D in manufacturing

What's That 3D Model Doing in my Web Browser


Image Based WebVR: Creating and Publishing Environments for Browsers and HMDs

Brian Clanton webgl DLMFBrian Clanton webgl presentation

DLMF with arbitrary cutting plane by SURF student Brian Clanton (summer 2012)

Brian Clanton's SURF presentation (summer 2012)

Nick Polys and VT.edu Smithsonian X3DOM tests