What's That 3D Model Doing in my Web Browser

by Sandy Ressler

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Web3D Consortium

Model-Based Enterprise Summit 2014, Dec 17, 2014


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  • Web Browser as Universal Publishing Medium
  • WebGL and X3DOM for Universal 3D Content
  • What's in it for the Model Based Enterprise
  • Declarative Graphics
  • Web-based Interfaces
  • Standards and Web3D Consortium

Excuse me but there are some 3D parts in my web pages!!!

Web Browser as Universal Publishing Medium

  • Giving out an URL is the best way to distribute content
  • Success of the Web proves this
  • 3D Content now supported NATIVELY by web browsers
  • No Plugins!!

What's In it for the Model Based Enterprise

  • Technical Data Package
  • First Article Inspection
  • Feasibility and Release
  • Work Instructions
  • Part Catalog BOM
  • Annotated Part Example
    (thanks Bob Lipman!)

    zoom back after opening to see part

    NIST X3DOM Annotation Example coviewer

    Delarative means simple editing

                <shape onclick="alert('I am a T for Tired Datum');">

    CAD Example

    CAD example coviewer

    Declarative 3D in Web Pages

    • DOM - Document Object Model; contains graphic elements
    • Manipulating the DOM means you are manipulating graphical elements
    • Selecting elements of the DOM means you are selecting those elements of the page you wish to manipulate.
    • Of course having multi-Gb mesh type data directly in the DOM is an issue..being dealt with by a variety of compression techniques

    Making Geometry Interactive

    A Simple Example

    <X3D xmlns="http://www.x3dom.org/x3dom">
        <viewpoint position='0 0 10' ></viewpoint>
        <transform id="exTrans">
                <material id="mat" diffuseColor='0.603 0.894 0.909' ></material>
            <box id='box' ></box>

    DOM Event Example

    Inside a <box> element define an "onclick" attribute

    <box > </box>
    onclick = "alert('you hit the box');"
    $('#dialog').html('You hit me');

    Clipping Plane

    jQuery UI Demosclipping plane

    WebGL for Universal 3D Content

    Threejs.org threejs

    What is the Web3D Consortium

    Open Standards, Open Software

    Web3D Consortium coviewer

    Simply put: it's X3D in your web page

    So what is X3D?

    An ISO Standard ... ISO/IEC 19775

    A REAL STANDARD...not some pseudo standard wannabe!!

    X3DOM is a 3D Declarative Markup Lanaguage (for X3D)

    it puts X3D in your browser

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    • Bob Lipman (NIST), explaining who you folks are and VRML/X3DOM example part files!