AnthroGloss Human Body Landmark Reference (X3DOM with jQuery version)

Sandy Ressler, National Institute of Standards and Technology

This is an X3DOM version of the AnthroGloss (, anthropometry education VRML model created originally around the year 2000. The VRML file was converted to X3DOM via Fraunhofer's online X3D converter available at: The conversion resulted in an HTML5 file with the X3D and links to the X3DOM renderer embedded. Finally the jQuery widgets for the user interface were embedded into the HTML file resulting in this demo. To view this you need a "modern" browser that supports WebGL, more info on browser support is available.

For those viewpoint buttons with a numeric prefix, the prefix corresponds to the H-ANIM1.1 Appendix C: Feature Points for the Human Body, available at:, which were derived from the landmarks defined via the CAESAR project,

Usage tips: After selecting a viewpoint, clicking the button again toggles the color and size of the landmark sphere (this only works for those viewpoints with a numeric prefix, a landmark). Also note the slider bar below which lets you quickly select a viewpoint. In addition the button fades out after being clicked once to indicate that it has been clicked.

Current Viewpoint