Computer graphic rendering of 3 vases coated with colored metallic paint

Computer Graphic Rendering of Material Surfaces

Computer graphic rendering of painted samples in a light booth

Rendered Images & Data

The iBRDF enhancements to Radiance were used to render images of surfaces with widely varying material properties. The material properties of these surfaces were obtained through the use of various measurement methods as well as scattering simulations.

  • Rendered images of objects modelled with BRDFs obtained from NEFDS are detailed in NEFDS Images.
  • Images created using data measured by NIST are in NIST Images.
  • Other sources of data which were used to render images are available in Additional Images.
  • The measured data used in the NIST Images section and analysis of this data can be found in NIST Data


Measurement Science for Optical Reflectance and Scattering

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