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View of Jazznet console and cases


The original JazzNet configuration consisted of a mixture of single and multiple-processor Pentium Pro PCs housed in five boxes: three single-processor machines (dizzy, parker, miles), one dual-processor (duke), and one quad-processor system (ella). The machines are running Linux 2.0 (with SMP support), and are configured with the dual-processor as the server. This mixture of machine configurations allows us to experiment with both distributed and shared-memory applications.

Original Configuration

9 processors (total)
fast ethernet repeater
Myrinet gigabit network

We started with a Fast Ethernet hub (repeater) and a 5-node Myrinet network. The Fast Ethernet hub (repeater) delivers a point-to-point application bandwidth of about 5 MB/sec throughput, while the Myrinet switch offered about 17 MB/sec (both measured under LAM 6.1). (See the performance page for more details.)

We are now upgrading to include nine more machines (8 individual P6s, with one dual-processor server). We have also recently added a fast ethernet swtich and are in the process of conducting new measurements.

JazzNet II

18 processors (total)
fast ethernet repeater
Myrinet gigabit network
fast ethernet switch

The latency of the fast ethernet network is about 80us. We have measured point-to-point throughput of 5.5 MB/sec (application level, using LAM 6.1) for large (1MB) messages. This translates to sending a double precision number each 1.45us.

JazzNet III