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JazzNet III arrives!

Installing JazzNetII A JazzNet Cabinet Row of JazzNet Cabinets

We have recently received delivery of the third generation JazzNet machines. These comprise of multiple 8-processor towers, each node housing a single 400 MHz Pentium II system based on the Intel SE440BX motheboard, 128 MB of memory (using a 100 MHz SDRAM memory bus) and a local hard disk of 6.4 GBytes. Fast ethernet hubs comprise the initial configuration, with plans to upgrade to Myrinet.

Specs for each JazzNet III tower

3.2 Gflops (peak)
8 processors
1 GB memory
50 GB disk

Pictured above are three towers, representing an agregate performance of 9.6 Glops, 3 GB of memory, 150 GB of disk, for less than $45,000.

The latency of the fast ethernet network is about 80us. We have measured point-to-point throughput of 5.5 MB/sec (application level, using LAM 6.1) for large (1MB) messages. This translates to sending a double precision number each 1.45us.