OOMMF MIF 2.1 Migration Guide, OOMMF 1.2a2 to 1.2a3

As part of the alpha development of the OOMMF 1.2 Oxs program, the MIF file format has been upgraded from the MIF 2.0 format used in the OOMMF 1.2a1 and 1.2a2 to MIF 2.1 in the OOMMF 1.2a3 release. The overall structure of the MIF 2.1 format is still a Tcl script with a collection of Specify blocks, but additional commands have been added, some Oxs_Ext objects have been removed, and the Specify block internal structure for others has been reworked. The most significant changes are detailed below.

The command line program mifconvert will convert many MIF 2.0 files to the MIF 2.1 equivalent. However, the MIF 2.x format is quite rich, and complicated 2.0 files may not be properly converted. In all events, the reader should refer to the MIF 2.1 and "Standard Oxs_Ext Child Classes" documentation in the OOMMF User's Guide for additional details.

  1. Sections and Atlases

  2. Energy terms:

  3. Driver changes:

  4. Field initializers:

  5. Miscellaneous block: This block is gone in 2.1. The random seed value is now specified with the RandomSeed Tcl extension command, usually placed near the top of the MIF file. The other Miscellaneous block option, basename, has been moved into the driver block.

  6. The name of the "ignore" option inside Specify blocks has been changed to "comment". There is additionally a new Tcl extension command, Ignore, which may be used at the top-level to disable Specify blocks. This replaces the Skip proc commonly defined inside MIF 2.0 files.
There are a number of additional extensions to the base MIF 2.x file format, and quite a number of new Oxs_Ext objects. See the the MIF 2.1 and "Standard Oxs_Ext Child Classes" documentation in the OOMMF User's Guide for details.

MIF Changes: OOMMF 1.2a0 to 1.2a1
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