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MIF Format Conversion: mifconvert

The mifconvert utility converts a MIF 1.1 micromagnetic problem specification file into the MIF 2.1 format. Eventually, it should be possible to express any problem in the MIF 1.1 format using the MIF 2.1 format, but currently that is not the case. It is recommended that the user carefully inspect the MIF 2.1 files generated by this application for correctness.

As a migration aid, mifconvert will also convert most files from the obsolete MIF 2.0 format used with OOMMF 1.2a2 into the newer MIF 2.1 format.

The mifconvert launch command is:

tclsh oommf.tcl mifconvert [-f|--force] [-h|--help] [-q|--quiet] \
   [--unsafe] [-v|--version] input_file output_file
-f or -force
Force overwrite of output file. Optional.
-h or -help
Print help information and stop. Optional.
-q or -quiet
Suppress normal informational output messages. Optional.
Runs embedded Tcl scripts, if any, in unsafe interpreter. Optional.
-v or -version
Print version string and stop. Optional.
Import MIF 1.1 (or MIF 2.0) micromagnetic problem specification file. Required.
Export MIF 2.1 micromagnetic problem specification file. Required.

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OOMMF Documentation Team
October 30, 2002