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The 2D Micromagnetic Solver

The OOMMF 2D micromagnetic computation engine, mmSolve, is capable of solving problems defined on a two-dimensional grid of square cells with three-dimensional spins. This solver is older, less flexible and less extensible than the Oxs solver. Users are encouraged to migrate to Oxs where possible.

There are two interfaces provided to mmSolve, the interactive mmSolve2D interface and the command line driven batchsolve interface which can be used in conjunction with the OOMMF Batch System.

Problem definition for mmSolve is accomplished using input files in the MIF 1.1 format. Please note that this format is incompatible with the newer MIF 2.x format used by the Oxs solver. However, the command line utility mifconvert can be used to aid conversion from the MIF 1.1 format to MIF 2.1.

mmSolve will also accept files in the MIF 1.2 format format, provided the CellSize record meets the restriction that the x- and y-dimensions are the same, and that the z-dimension equals the part thickness.

Note on Tk dependence: If a problem is loaded that uses a bitmap mask file, and if that mask file is not in the PPM P3 (text) format, then mmSolve2D will launch any2ppm to convert it into the PPM P3 format. Since any2ppm requires Tk, at the time the mask file is read a valid display must be available. See the any2ppm documentation for details.

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September 30, 2022