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MIF Format Conversion: mifconvert

The mifconvert utility converts any of the MIF formats into the MIF 2.1 format used by the Oxs 3D solvers. It can also convert between the MIF 1.1 and MIF 1.2 formats generated by micromagnetic problem editor, mmProbEd.

As a migration aid, mifconvert will convert most files from the obsolete MIF 2.0 format used by OOMMF 1.2a2 into the newer MIF 2.1 format.

The mifconvert launch command is:

tclsh oommf.tcl mifconvert [-f|--force] [--format fmt]
   [-h|--help] [--nostagecheck] [-q|--quiet] [--unsafe]
   [-v|--version] input_file output_file
-f or -force
Force overwrite of output file. Optional.
-format fmt
Specify output format, where fmt is one of 1.1, 1.2, or 2.1. The 1.1 and 1.2 formats are available only if the input file is also in the 1.x format. Conversion from the 2.1 format to the 1.x formats is not supported. Optional; default setting is 2.1.
-h or -help
Print help information and stop.
Sets the stage_count_check parameter in the output Oxs_Driver Specify block to 0; this disables stage count consistency checks inside the Oxs solver. Optional. This option is only active when the output MIF format is 2.1.
-q or -quiet
Suppress normal informational and warning messages. Optional.
Runs embedded Tcl scripts, if any, in unsafe interpreter. Optional.
-v or -version
Print version string and stop.
Name of the import micromagnetic problem specification file, in MIF 1.1, MIF 1.2, or MIF 2.0 format. Use ``-'' to read from stdin. Required.
Name of the export micromagnetic problem specification file. Use ``-'' to write to stdout. Required.

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OOMMF Documentation Team
September 30, 2022