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Micromagnetic Problem File Source: FileSource

FileSource Screen Shot

The application FileSource provides the same service as mmProbEd, supplying MIF 1.x problem descriptions to running mmSolve2D micromagnetic solvers. As the MIF specification evolves, mmProbEd may lag behind. There may be new fields in the MIF specification that mmProbEd is not capable of editing, or which mmProbEd may not pass on to solvers after loading them in from a file. To make use of such fields, a MIF file may need to be edited ``by hand'' using a general purpose text editor. FileSource may then be used to supply the MIF problem description contained in a file to a solver without danger of corrupting its contents.

FileSource must be launched from the command line. You may specify on the command line the MIF problem description file it should serve to client applications. The command line is

tclsh oommf.tcl FileSource [standard options] [filename]

Although FileSource does not appear on the list of Programs that mmLaunch offers to launch, running copies do appear on the list of Threads since they do provide a service registered with the account service directory.

FileSource takes its MIF problem description from the file named on the command line, or from a file selected through the File|Open dialog box. No checking of the file contents against the MIF specification is performed. The file contents are passed uncritically to any client application requesting a problem description. Those client applications should raise errors when presented with invalid problem descriptions.

Each instance of FileSource provides the contents of exactly one file at a time. The file name is displayed in the FileSource window to help the user associate each instance of FileSource with the data file it provides. Each instance of FileSource accepts and services requests from client applications (typically solvers) for the contents of the file it exports.

The contents of the file are read at the time of the client request, so if the contents of a file change between the time of the FileSource file selection and the arrival of a request from a client, the new contents will be served to the client application.

The menu selection File|Exit terminates the FileSource application. The Help menu provides the usual help facilities.

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September 30, 2022