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Running the Application in a Terminal Window


Once the manager/worker program has compiled successfully, the next order of business is to run it. This can be done within PADE in two different methods: in a terminal window, or by PVMmake . For the remainder of this section, we will assume that the terminal is of type xterm . The xterm method is useful when the application requires interactive input at the terminal and when the user does not wish to save anything the application writes to standard output. The PVMmake method is useful if the output of the application that is written to the screen is important to the user and if the input to the program can be redirected.

  1. Select Add... under the Apps button.
  2. Type manager in the pop-up window, and click on Done.
  3. Select manager under Run (in xterm) under the Apps button.
  4. When you are prompted in the xterm window for the number of slave programs, enter a reasonable integer, for example 10.
  5. Type exit at the shell prompt in the xterm window.