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Running the Application Using PVMmake


To run the parallel application using PVMmake , you create a new PADE data configuration with the development host as the only host, no files to transfer, and the command being what is required to run the application. Interactive input must be redirected from a file. The output from the pop-up window can be saved to a file with the Save button.

  1. Select New under the File button to delete the current PADE data.
  2. Select Add Host... under the Setup button, and enter the development host name and the command
    cd $HOME/pvm3/bin/$PVM_ARCH; manager < manager.input
  3. Save the new PADE data file and PVMmake config file with a new name, for example, my_mw_run .
  4. Create a file called manager.input in $HOME/pvm3/bin/$PVM_ARCH containing just an integer, for example, 10.
  5. Select Run (in PADE window) under the PVMmake button.