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Running PVMmake


With the PADE data entered, you are now ready to distribute the files and compile the manager/worker example program. It is always a good idea to list the PVMmake config file to verify that your PADE data is correct. The format of the PVMmake config file is given in Chapter 4. The output of PVMmake can be displayed in either a terminal window ( xterm , or a type specified by user preference) or a scrollable/savable window, depending on which form of the Run button you choose. For comparison, an example of this output can be found in the file pvmmake.output in the examples subdirectory.

  1. Select List Config File under the PVMmake button.
  2. After reviewing the file, click on Close.
  3. Select Run (in PADE window) under the PVMmake button.
  4. After viewing the output in the pop-up window, click on Close.