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Entering Host Commands via Setup


Now that all the hosts have been entered, the user can proceed to enter the host commands. The commands to be entered for a particular host will be those necessary to compile the manager.c and worker.c programs. In this example, the general procedure for compiling these programs will be to change to the remote-host directory in which the source files are located and to issue the ``make'' command. The makefile appropriate to the particular host will have already been sent as part of the file-transfer phase of the process of building the parallel application.

  1. Click on the first host name in the PADE main window.
  2. Select Modify Host under the Setup button.
  3. Enter the command
    cd <path to your home directory>/pvm3/bin/ARCH; make
    in the Host commands: part of the pop-up window, where ARCH is the PVM architecture name for that host.
  4. Click on Apply.