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Entering Host Names


The first part of the set-up process is to construct the PADE host list. Hosts may be added to the list one at a time using Add Host... under the Setup button, however it is quicker to obtain the host list directly from the PVM hostfile as described above. It is crucial that the host names be identical to those known to PVM, as indicated by the PVM console command conf . A common example of when these names may differ is that PVM may drop the domain from the name of the development host.

  1. Select Add from Hostfile ... under the Setup button.
  2. Double-click on the name of the PVM hostfile you previously created.
  3. If any of the host names in the PADE main window are not identical to those in the PVM console window, then
    1. Click on the host name in the PADE main window.
    2. Select Modify Host under the Setup button.
    3. Edit the host name in the pop-up PADE Modify Host window.
    4. Click on Apply