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Starting the Virtual Machine


The first action the user should take after invoking PADE is to create a PVM hostfile and start the PVM console. The user is strongly encouraged to keep the pop-up window containing the PVM console open as long as PADE is running. One reason for this is that PADE will hang if the user executes a parallel application that hangs. This can be remedied by halting the VM from the PVM console.

  1. Select Edit Hostfile... under the PVM button.
  2. Enter a file name (for example, pvmhostfile ) in the pop-up PADE Edit File window, and click on the editor button (the editor button will be labeled with the editor specified by the user for example, vi ).
  3. In the pop-up editor window, create a file containing the host names in the virtual machine, one name per line.
  4. Select PVM console under the PVM button.
  5. Type conf at the PVM prompt in the pop-up PVM console window to view the configuration of your virtual machine.