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Entering Host Commands via Graph

An alternative approach to entering host commands is to use the PADE Graph.

  1. Click on the Graph button.
  2. Select Modify under the Hosts button in the PADE Graph window.
  3. Click on the circle representing the second host.
  4. Enter the command
    cd <path to your home directory>/pvm3/bin/ARCH; make
    in the Host commands: part of the pop-up window, where ARCH is the PVM architecture name for that host.
  5. Click on Apply.
  6. Repeat for remaining hosts.
  7. Click on Close in the PADE Graph window.

At this point, you should enter the host commands for all hosts using either the Setup or Graph approach. Note that if two hosts have the same architecture and share a common file system, only one of them needs the compilation commands.