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BCSSTM11: BCS Structural Engineering Matrices (eigenvalue matrices)
Ore car -- lumped mass

from set BCSSTRUC1, from the Harwell-Boeing Collection

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From generalized eigenvalue problem Kx=(lambda)Mx. This is matrix M; matrix K is BCSSTK11 from BCSSTRUC1 set.
BCSSTK11, BCSSTM11, BCSSTK12 and BCSSTM12 represent the lumped and consistent mass formulation for an ore car model. In both cases the consistent mass formulations lead to non-diagonal mass matrices. The eigenvalues from the two formulations of a model should be similar, but not necessarily equal.

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Structure Plot City Plot
structure plot city plot
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Matrix Statistics

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Size Type
1473 x 1473, 1473 entries real symmetric positive definite
totaldiagonalbelow diagonalabove diagonalA-A'
1473 1473 0 0 0
Column Data Row Data
Average nonzeros per column : 1
Standard deviation : 0

longest1 1
shortest1 1

Average nonzeros per row : 1
Standard deviation : 0

longest1 1
shortest1 1

Bandwidths Profile Storage
lower1 upper1
average |i-j|0
lower bandwidth1 1 1 0
upper bandwidth1 1 1 0

Symmetric skyline storage requirement:1473

Heaviest diagonals
offset from main0
accumulated percent100.00

Top 1 out of 1 nonvoid diagonals.
Frobenius norm3e+02 condition number (est.)1.2e+05
2-norm (est.)32 diagonal dominanceyes

Set Information

Source: John Lewis, Boeing Computer Services, Seattle, Washington, USA
Discipline:Dynamic analyses in structural engineering
Accession:Summer 1982

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