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3D Interactive Cityplots

We are experimenting with the use of VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) to enable 3D interactive exploration of sparse matrices. The following are VRML models of the cityplots of several matrices in the Matrix Market. VRML allows one to manipulate these visualizations as three-dimensional objects. To view the demos you will need a VRML browser or plugin. Clicking on the matrix in the VRML browser will link to the Web page about the Matrix.

Cityplot of fidapm05
VRML Version 2, gzipped, 66 Kb
Cityplot of rw136
VRML Version 2, gzipped, 63 Kb
  • "Version 2" refers to the VRML Specification level which must be supported by your browser in order to view the model.
  • These data files are compressed. Help is available if you are having trouble downloading them.
We have generated VRML cityplots for 232 matrices. For matrices with more than 4,000 entries only the front face of each 3D bar (representing a single matrix entry) is drawn in order to reduce the size of the VRML files. VRML cityplots for matrices with more than 24,000 have not been generated due to their large sizes. Of those included, 29 of the files are greater than 500Kb with the largest being 800Kb.

We would appreciate feedback on these visualizations. If they prove useful we will make more available.

The Matrix Market is a service of the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division / Information Technology Laboratory / National Institute of Standards and Technology

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