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Now available: LaTeXML 0.8.6!

In the process of developing the Digital Library of Mathematical Functions, we needed a means of transforming the LaTeX sources of our material into XML which would be used for further manipulations, rearrangements and construction of the web site. In particular, a true ‘Digital Library’ should focus on the semantics of the material, and so we should convert the mathematical material into both content and presentation MathML. At the time, we found no software suitable to our needs, so we began development of LaTeXML in-house.

The approach is to emulate TeX as far as possible (in Perl), converting the TeX or (LaTeX) document into LaTeXML’s XML format. That format is modelled on the typical document structure found in LaTeX, and inspired by HTML, MathML, OpenMath and others. That abstract document is then further transformed into HTML of various flavors, with MathML and SVG, or into JATS or ePub or …. Of course, emulating TeX is kinda hard, there are many clever LaTeX package developers, and the Web moves quickly, so there are gaps in fidelity and coverage.


of LaTeXML’s work include:

LaTeX tabular

from the LaTeX manual, p.205. (TeX, )


The Digital Library of Mathematical Functions was the primary instigator for this project.

LaTeXML Manual

The LaTeXML User’s manual ().

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were produced using LaTeXML, as well.

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