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Overview TNT consists of an interface and reference implementation of multidimensional arrays for numerical computing. This page lists the components of TNT, togeter with links to external libraries that utilize this interface.
  • TNT Data Structures
    • C-style arrays
    • Fortran-style arrays
    • Sparse Matrices
    • Vector/Matrix
  • TNT utilities
    • array I/O
    • math routines (hypot(), sign(), etc.)
    • Stopwatch class for timing measurements
  • Libraries that utilize TNT
    • JAMA: a linear algebra library with QR, SVD, Cholesky and Eigenvector solvers.
    • old (pre 1.0) TNT routines for LU, QR, and Eigenvalue problems

TNT Data Structures

Vectors, Matrices, and multidimensional arrays form the basic data structures for scientific computing. TNT defines various interfaces for these. See the Documentation section for details.

TNT Utilities

Libraries that utilize TNT

TNT Home Page

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