SourceService Code Request Form

NOTE: This service has temporarily been disabled.

This form allows you to use the source code generation mechanism of the NIST Sparse BLAS to dynamically create library routines for a specific set of parameters. To do this, fill out the form and then press the Generate Code button.

Storage Format:

BLAS Operation:

Multiplication: C = alpha A B + beta C; C = alpha A^T B + beta C

Triangular Solve: C = alpha D_L A^(-1) D_R B + beta C; C = alpha D_L A^(-T) D_R B + beta C Diagonal scaling:

Column dimension of B and C (number of right-hand-sides):
1 (Matrix-Vector operation) general (Matrix-Matrix operation)

scalar alpha::
1 general
scalar beta::
0 1 general

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Last updated: July 25, 1996 by KAR.