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Storage Format:

The storage format is the underlying data structure in which the sparse matrix is represented. Available formats are:

For further information regarding these formats, see "A Revised Proposal for a Sparse BLAS Toolkit", by S. Carney, M. Heroux, G. Li, R. Pozo, K. Remington and K. Wu.

BLAS Operation:

The BLAS operation can be either:

a sparse matrix by dense matrix multiplication of the form:

or a sparse matrix triangular solve of the form:

In each case, A is a sparse matrix, B and C are dense matrices or vectors, and alpha and beta are scalar parameters. For triangular solves, diagonal scaling on the left (D_L) and/or on the right (D_R) may be specified. Identity scaling is the default.

Column dimension of B and C:

The column dimension of B and C determines whether the operation is matrix-vector (Level 2) or matrix-matrix (Level 3). Note that the Level 3 code can be used to do a Level 2 operation, but not vice versa.

scalars alpha and beta:

Certain special case values of the scalar parameters alpha and beta can be chosen to yield simplified code. The allowed special cases are: 1 for alpha, and 0 or 1 for beta.

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