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About OP-SF Net

OP-SF Net is an electronic news net in the area of Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions. It is transmitted to subscribers about six times a year and subscription is free. Topics covered by it include announcements of conferences, forthcoming books, new software, electronic archives, research questions and job openings. OP-SF Net is a forum of the SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions. The present Editor is Martin E. Muldoon. Of course, this Net heavily depends on submitted contributions.

Read the most recent issues 7.1 and and 6.6 here. We put topics from OP-SF NET on the Activity Group Web site with appropriate links to further information.

Send submissions for OP-SF NET to:

Get back issues from Tom Koornwinder's archive, or (faster in North America) from the OP-SF NET Archive maintained by Journal of Approximation Theory. This site has also a search facility for OP-SF Net.

To receive the transmissions regularly, send your name and e-mail address to: . If you are not a member of SIAM and the Activity Group, then you will be asked, when subscribing to OP-SF Net, to fill out an informal questionnaire. An alternative method is to send a message to

and put in the body of the message the single line

subscribe opsfnet xxxxx

where in place of xxxxx you put your name. This is handled by an automatic list server. You will receive a confirmation, with a list of further commands. You will be put on the opsfnet mailing list of this list server. A new issue of OP-SF NET will be mailed to people on this list immediately after the mailing by SIAM to the people on SIAM's list. To cancel your subscription, send "unsubscribe opsfnet" to the same address.

In case of any trouble with mailings of OP-SF Net, send a message to

Members of the Activity Group receive the Group's printed Newsletter, edited by Renato Álvarez-Nodarse and Rafael J. Yánez

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Revised November 15, 1999