About the Newsletter of the SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions

Members of the Activity Group receive the Group's printed Newsletter, edited by Renato Álvarez-Nodarse and Rafael J. Yánez

The Newsletter appears in February, June and October. Deadline for submissions to be included in an issue is the 15th of the previous month. Please send your Newsletter contributions directly to the Editors:

Renato Álvarez-Nodarse
Departamento de Analisis Matematico
Universidad de Sevilla
Apdo. Postal 1160,
E-41080 Spain
fax: +34-95-455-7972
e-mail: renato@gandalf.ugr.es

Rafael J. Yánez
Departamento de Matemática Aplicada
Universidad de Granada
E-18071 Granada, Spain
phone: +34-58-242941
fax: +34-58-242862
e-mail: ryanez@ugr.es

preferably by email, and in latex format. Other formats are also acceptable and can be submitted by email, regular mail or fax.

Please note that submissions to the Newsletter (if not containing mathematics symbols or pictures) are automatically considered for publication in OP-SF Net, and vice versa, unless the writer requests otherwise.

Previous issues of the Newsletter, but not the most recent one, can be obtained as dvi, PostScript or pdf files from Wolfram Koepf's Web page: http://www.mathematik.uni-kassel.de/~koepf/siam.html .

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Revised March 1, 2001