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Koekoek-Swarttouw report on Askey-scheme

From R. Koekoek
Subject: Koekoek-Swarttouw report on Askey-scheme

The report

R. Koekoek and R.F. Swarttouw,
The Askey-scheme of hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials and its q-analogue,
Faculty of Technical Mathematics and Informatics,
Delft University of Technology,
Report 94-05, 1994

can now be retrieved electronically from Hans Haubold's ftp site,, directory opsf/koekoek_swarttouw :


The directory contains the following files:

So if you have a hardcopy of the original version (the above mentioned report) you can download the files and in order to read the information and get the list of errata. Otherwise you can download the file instead of to get the latest version (121 pages) of the report. The file is also available in compressed form at two different ftp sites (use binary mode for transmission):, directory siam/submissions, file, directory pub/mathematics/reports/Analysis/aboutothers,

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