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Standard Oxs_Ext Child Classes

An Oxs simulation is built as a collection of Oxs_Ext (Oxs Extension) objects. These are defined via Specify blocks in the input MIF 2 file. The reader will find the information and sample MIF file provided in that section to be a helpful adjunct to the material presented below. Addition example MIF 2 files can be found in the directory oommf/app/oxs/examples.

This section describes the Oxs_Ext classes available in the standard OOMMF distribution, including documentation of their Specify block initialization strings, and a list of some sample MIF files from the oommf/app/oxs/examples directory that use the class. The standard Oxs_Ext objects, i.e., those that are distributed with OOMMF, can be identified by the Oxs_ prefix in their names. Additional Oxs_Ext classes may be available on your system. Check local documentation for details.

In the following presentation, the Oxs_Ext classes are organized into 8 categories: atlases, meshes, energies, evolvers, drivers, scalar field objects, vector field objects, and MIF support classes. The following Oxs_Ext classes are currently available:

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September 30, 2022