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In the interest of successful compilation of a usable software package ``out of the box,'' the default configuration for OOMMF does not stretch to maximize optimization. However, the configuration files config/options.tcl and config/platforms/<platform>.tcl include optimization controls. In the former,
Oc_Option Add * Platform optlevel 2
selects a relatively high but robust level of optimization, equivalent typically to a compiler option of ``-O2'' or similar. You may try increasing optlevel to 3. If you are familiar with your compiler's command line options, then for finer control you can experiment with the <platform>.tcl file options

The remove flags control selects options to be removed from the compiler command line. The setting value should be a Tcl list of regular expressions. (Refer to the Tcl documentation on the regexp command for details.) The add flags value is a list of values to append to the compile command (applied after the remove flags request, if any). An extended discussion of these controls can be found in the ``Configuration Files'' section of the OOMMF Programming Manual.

OOMMF Documentation Team
September 30, 2022