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OOMMF Launcher/Control Interface: mmLaunch

mmLaunch Screen Shot

The application mmLaunch launches, monitors, and controls other OOMMF applications. It is the OOMMF application which is most closely connected to the account service directory and host service directory applications that run behind the scenes. It also provides user interfaces to any applications, notably Oxsii and mmSolve2D, that do not have their own user interface window.

mmLaunch should be launched using the bootstrap application. The command line is

tclsh oommf.tcl mmLaunch [standard options]

The mmLaunch interface consists of two columns. The Programs column contains buttons labeled with the names of OOMMF applications that may be launched under the account managed by this account service directory. Clicking on one of these buttons launches the corresponding application. Only one click is needed, though there will be some delay before the launched application displays a window to the user. Multiple clicks will launch multiple copies of the application.

The second column, labeled Running Applications, contains a list of OOMMF applications that are registered with the account server. If the account server is not already running, then mmLaunch will start it, in which case there may be a slight delay. Each entry in the Running Applications list includes both the application name and an ID number by which multiple copies of the same application may be distinguished. This ID number is also displayed in the title bar of the corresponding application's user interface window. When an application exits, its entry is automatically removed from the Running Applications list.

Any of the running applications that do not provide their own interface window will be displayed in mmLaunch with a checkbutton. The checkbutton toggles the display of an interface which mmLaunch provides on behalf of that application. The only OOMMF applications currently using this service are the 3D solvers Oxsii and Boxsi, the 2D solvers mmSolve2D and batchsolve, and the archive application mmArchive. These interfaces are described in the documentation for the corresponding applications.

The menu selection File|Exit terminates the mmLaunch application, and the File|Exit All OOMMF selection terminates all applications in the Running Applications list, and then exits mmLaunch. The menu Help provides the usual help facilities.

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OOMMF Documentation Team
September 30, 2022