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Problem Specification File Formats (MIF)

Micromagnetic simulations are specified to the OOMMF solvers using the OOMMF Micromagnetic Input Format (MIF). There are two distinct, incompatible versions of this format. The older, version 1.1, is the format used by the 2D solver (mmSolve2D and batchsolve) and the mmProbEd problem editor. The new MIF format, version 2.1, is used by the Oxs 3D solver. In both cases all values are in SI units. A command line utility mifconvert is provided to aid in converting MIF 1.1 files to the MIF 2.1 format. For both versions it is recommended that MIF files be given names ending with the .mif file extension.


OOMMF Documentation Team
October 30, 2002