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The main contributors to this document are Michael J. Donahue and Donald G. Porter, both of ITL/NIST. The Quick Start section is based on notes from Dianne P. O'Leary.

The OOMMF code is being developed mainly by Michael Donahue and Donald Porter. Robert D. McMichael made contributions to the early development of the 2D micromagnetic solver. Jason Eicke is responsible for the problem editor, and has worked on the self-magnetostatic module of the micromagnetic solver.

Quite a few users have contributed to the development of OOMMF by submitting bug reports, small pieces of code, or suggestions for improvements. Many thanks to all these people, including Dieter Buntinx, NgocNga Dao, Olivier Gérardin, Ping He, Michael Ho, Mansoor B. A. Jalil, Jörg Jorzick, Pavel Kabos, Michael Kleiber, H. T. Leung, David Lewis, Sang Ho Lim, Yi Liu, Van Luu, Andy P. Manners, Edward Myers, Valentine Novosad, Andrew Perrella, Anil Prabhakar, Robert Ravlic, Stephen E. Russek, Renat Sabirianov, Zhupei Shi, Xiaobo Tan, Stephen Thompson, Vassilios Tsiantos, Pieter Visscher, Scott L. Whittenburg, Kong Xiangyang, Chengtao Yu, Steven A. Zielke, and Pei Zou.

If you have bug reports, contributed code, feature requests, or other comments for the OOMMF developers, please send them in an e-mail message to <michael.donahue@nist.gov>.

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OOMMF Documentation Team
January 22, 2001