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Bitmap File Format Conversion: any2ppm

The any2ppm program converts bitmap files of various formats into the Portable Pixmap (PPM) P3 (text) format. Supported input formats are PPM, BMP, and GIF. (Note: OOMMF support for BMP requires Tk 8.0 or later.)

The any2ppm launch command is:

tclsh oommf.tcl any2ppm [standard options] [-noinfo] \
   [-o outfile] [infile ...]
Suppress writing of progress information to stderr.
-o outfile
Write output to outname; use ``-'' to pipe output to stdout. The default is to create a new file by stripping the extension, if any, off of each input filename, and appending .ppm. If the generated filename already exists, a ``-000'' or ``-001'' ... suffix is appended.
infile ...
List of input files to process.

Tk Requirement: any2ppm uses the Tk image command in its processing. This requires that Tk be properly initialized, which in particular means that a valid display must be available. This is not a problem on Windows, where a desktop is always present, but on Unix this means that an X server must be running. The Xvfb virtual framebuffer can be used if desired. (Xvfb is an X server distributed with X11R6 that requires no display hardware or physical input devices.)

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OOMMF Documentation Team
January 22, 2001