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ITK Image Filters

The software distributed here is freely available for down load and use. As a courtesy, it is requested that credit be given to the Scientific Applications and Visualization Group at NIST.

Software Download: source code: itksource.tar.gz (6.75kb)

ITK allows you to process images in a number of number of different ways, through the use of its filtering objects. A basic introduction to ITK filters is given in chapter 6 of the: ITK Software Guide ITK programs using these filters are described below, and available for use on IRIX systems. There are several basic types of filters. Each filter can be used on both 2-d and 3-d image files:

(bullet) Thresholding filters: change or identify pixel values based on a specified threshold value or values
(bullet) Casting and intensities mappings: casting converts one pixel type to another, intensity mappings take different intensity ranges of pixel types into account.
(bullet) Gradient filters: compute both the image of gradient vectors and the image of magnitudes of those vectors.
(bullet) Neighborhood filters: convolutions of pixels based on values of neighboring pixels, includes noise reduction, differential operations, changing mathematical morphology.
(bullet) Smoothing filters: removes noise from images
(bullet) Distance mapping filters
(bullet) Geometric transformation filters
(bullet) Watershed segmentation filter
(bullet) Level set segmentation filters
(bullet) Edge detection filters


(bullet) These filters can be used on a number of different image files types. Refer to the ITK web page on file formats. The 3D filters cannot write out filtered files in the TIFF file format. We suggest using the MetaImage file format.
(bullet) We are also making available a VTK program (Kitware's Visualization Toolkit Software) for creating isosurfaces from image files, as a way to visualize the filtered images (source code: hev-vtkContour.cxx (5.06kb)).

For information about this application, contact Adele Peskin

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