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Running PVMmake


When the pvmmake binary is launched from the command line, it launches a copy of the targets binary on each node of the virtual machine and then reads and performs all of the commands listed in the PVMmake config file. Note that if PVMmake cannot start the targets program on all nodes of the virtual machine (which must already be running), it prints an error message and exits.

The syntax for starting PVMmake is as follows

pvmmake [-f pvmmake_config_file]
If PVMmake is launched without the optional file name parameter, then the program looks for a default config file named pvmmake.config . If it does not find this file, PVMmake prints an error message and exits. PADE essentially works by processing the information entered in the Setup window and writing a PVMmake config file. The user can then launch PVMmake to execute the commands contained in this file.