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Bonita Saunders Honored by National Association of Mathematicians

January 2001

Bonita Saunders

Bonita V. Saunders, of ITL's Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division, presented the 2001 Claytor Lecture on January 13, 2001. The National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) inaugurated the Claytor Lecture in 1980 in honor of W. W. Schieffelin Claytor, the third African American to earn a Mathematics, and the first to publish mathematics outside of his thesis. Saunders is the twentieth mathematician to be selected as Claytor lecturer. Previous honorees include Fern Hunt, also of ITL, David H. Blackwell, the first African American elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and J. Ernest Wilkins, who at 19 became the youngest African American to receive a doctorate in the mathematical sciences.

Saunders' lecture, entitled, "Numerical Grid Generation and 3D Visualization of Special Functions" was delivered at a special session of the Joint Mathematics Meetings which were held in New Orleans on January 10-13, 2001. This yearly joint conference is sponsored by the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, the Association for Women in Mathematics, and NAM. Founded in 1969, NAM is a non-profit professional organization whose mission is "to promote excellence in the mathematical sciences and promote the mathematical development of underrepresented American minorities."

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