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Industrial Interactions

  1. A.S. Carasso, National Institutes of Health, Nuclear Medicine Branch. Deblurring of PET images. Demonstrated effectiveness of NIST procedure in deblurring long exposure PET images. Quantitatively correct results obtained for ratios of activity between gray matter, white matter, and cerebrospinal fluid, in PET scans of duration longer than 30 minutes.

  2. A.S. Carasso, Institute for Defense Analyses, Center for Computing Sciences. Mathematical analysis of image reconstruction procedures.

  3. R.F. Boisvert, Bell Laboratories. Co-PIs on ARPA Project on Evolving Software Repositories

  4. R.F. Boisvert, R. Pozo and K.A. Remington, Boeing. Collaboration on Harwell-Boeing Sparse Matrix Collection

  5. F.Y. Hunt, DuPont Automotive of Philadelphia, PA. Extended contact with Dr. Karl Adamsons and Dr. Juergen Braun (retired) on weathering simulations and models in coatings research.

  6. F.Y. Hunt, IBM, IBM Watson Laboratories. Colloborated with Dr. H. Rushmier in the use of computer graphic rendering in a proposed research program on coatings appearance.

  7. A. Nakassis and A. Youssef, Cubic Defense Systems. Coordination of technical activities on video compression and video delivery; possibility of a CRADA.

  8. J.M. Gary, Yuron, Inc, Consultation on regenerator model.

  9. R. Pozo and K.A. Remington, Cray Research, Collaboration with Applications Division on Sparse BLAS Toolkit

  10. R.J. Onyshczak, Aware, Inc. (Commercialized WSQ Implementation software developed by Aware, Inc.)

  11. R.J. Onyshczak, PRC, Inc. (Commercialized WSQ Implementation software developed by PRC, Inc.)

  12. R.J. Onyshczak, Printrak, Inc. (Commercialized WSQ Implementation software developed by Printrak, Inc.)

  13. R.J. Onyshczak, Cogent Systems, Inc. (Commercialized WSQ Implementation software developed by Cogent Systems, Inc.)

  14. R. Pozo and K. Remington, Consultations with SciComp Inc., a NIST ATP awardee.

  15. J. Rogers, Image Guided Technologies, a Boulder bio-engineering firm. Consultation on ODRPACK analysis for estimation and calibration of MRI probes as required for FDA certification.

  16. J. Rogers, Modeling & Computing Services. Consultation on ODRPACK analysis of Charpy data being analyzed for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

  17. B.W. Rust, Naval Research Laboratory Spectral analysis of unequally spaced time-series data.

  18. B.W. Rust, Tennessee Valley Authority Unfolding measured radiation spectra.

  19. B.W. Rust, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Computing two-dimensional Fourier transforms.

  20. C. Witzgall, M. McClain, J. Bernal, Loral Advanced Distributed Simulation (LADS). Collaboration on terrain representation techniques.

  21. C. Witzgall, Northrop-Grumman. Conducted briefing on ACMD methods for treating roads in terrain modeling, February 28, 1995.

  22. The Guide to Available Mathematical Software was accessed from computers of 2,206 US commercial enterprises from January 1995 through May 1996 (identified by distinct subdomains of the .com Internet domain who made http server requests). Of companies, 1,926 searched the GAMS database, and 777 downloaded software components.

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