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Lecture Series and Shortcourses Presented

  1. I.M. Beichl and S. Langer, C Course for Scientists, NIST, May 1995.

  2. I.M. Beichl, C Programming Course for Scientists, NIST, April, 1996.

  3. D.W. Lozier, Arithmetic Operations in Level-Index Arithmetic, Mathematics Department, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, February 9, March 16, March 30, 1995.

  4. W.F. Mitchell, Fortran 90 Programming for Fortran 77 Programmers, Short Course at NIST, October--November, 1995.

  5. A. Nakassis, Introduction to Visual C++ 4 and the Microsoft Foundation Class Library; a series of four lectures presented at NIST.

  6. A. Nakassis, Introduction to Error Correction Codes; a series of four lectures presented at NIST.

  7. R. Pozo and K.A. Remington, C++ Programming for Scientists Course, June and August, 95.

  8. A. Youssef, Xix lectures on Data Compression, NIST, February-March 1996.

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